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Comforting Casseroles

Casserole, by definition, refers to the pan your food it is cooked in and then used to serve said food, from oven to table with one dish. Most often though, casserole is what we refer to as the food itself. In America and Europe, the casserole consists of meat and vegetables, diced to bite size pieces or shredded, and a binding agent such as potatoes or rice. A liquid is usually added in the way of beer or wine, stock or broth, or even cider or vegetable juice. These are most often topped with a generous layer of cheese or a crunchy breadcrumb topping and sometimes, both. Then, it is baked to golden perfection. According to Wikipedia, in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, the casserole is named so because of the dish rather than the food. What they typically serve as casserole is what we usually call a stew. Instead of baking, theirs is finished on the stovetop and then served in the same dish.

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Preston standout receives national recognition

Do you remember the days of summer little league? Heading to the local park to cheer on your kids, nieces, and nephews? While you still can find children running the bases at your local ball parks, many have found their way to competitive teams that travel not only across the state on a weekly basis, but also across the nation as early as coach pitch.


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