Wilson hires four new staff members

By Tracy Goza
Free-Lance Editor

At a recent meeting of the Wilson School Board, four staff members were hired for the 2018-2019 school year.

Donavan Goodno was hired as football coach and teacher. Vernie Thomas was hired as High School Principal. Tena Page was hired as Elementary Principal. And Andrea James was hired as Superintendent.

In addition, board members added an interim football coach extra duty for Stan Taylor in the amount of $500.

Previous board meeting minutes, a monthly treasurer report, purchase orders, encumbrances and warrants were all approved.

Contracts with the following individuals and entities for services provided for the 2018-2019 school year were reviewed and approved:
• Special Education Testing – Sally Moore;
• Vending/Cafeteria – Coca Cola;
• Copier Maintenance – DIS;
• Postage Machine – Pitney Bowes;
• Bus Driver Drug Testing – Laboratory Consultants;
• Student Activity Drug Testing – DATL;
• Graduation/Yearbook – Jostens;
• School Accounting Software – MAS;
• Treasurer Service – Jack Jenkins;
• Occupational Service – Mary White;
• Physical Services – Theresa Long.

Board members approved Andrea James to fill out applications for the following state and federal programs: Carl Perkins, JOM, IDEA, Title I, II, VI REAP and Vocational Agriculture 411 and 412.

Various responsibilities were discussed and approved to include: Jack Jenkins as District Treasurer; Lori Edmundson as Board Clerk and Deputy-Treasurer; Andrea James for the Activity Fund; Erika Donathan and Paula Larney as Co-Deputy Activity Fund Custodians; Paula Larney as Encumbrance Clerk; Lori Edmundson as Child Nutrition Agent; Andrea James as Safety Coordinator, OSHA Risk Manager, AHERA Program Manager, Purchasing Agent, Contact Person for State and Federal Programs, Title I Grant Coordinator and Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance Officer; Tena Page and Vernie Thomas as Hearing Officers for Free and Reducted Lunch Applications and Lori Edmundson as Minutes Clerk.

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