HHS Knights Brigade are feature of program

Alan Montgomery, the Henryetta High School Band Director, and the Henryetta High School Band, were the guest speakers at the Civic Center for the Henryetta Public Library summer reading program, Libraries Rock, on July 9. Montgomery told the children attending that a band is just like a jigsaw puzzle, it needs to be taken apart and then put back together. To demonstrate this to the kids, he had each section of the band to play the piece of music separately and after each section would play a certain part he would have all the band members to play the piece together. Montgomery said that everyone has their own part to play for each piece of music and when each piece comes together they become a band. He had the children attending participate by standing next to the different instruments at different times to hear the difference between each instrument. Montgomery also spoke briefly about learning new songs to play and about practicing each part over and over until they get it right. All the youth that attended the summer reading program had a wonderful time.  They can continue to read until Aug. 1 to earn a prize.

(Photo by TRACY GOZA)

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