Summer Reading Program kicked off Monday

Sixteen Henryetta area first through fifth graders attended the first meeting of the Summer Reading Program at the Civic Center on Monday. They learned about all kinds of music and instruments and sang songs, led by Lyle Stogner.

(Photo by TRACY GOZA)


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Monday was the first meeting with first through fifth graders for the Henryetta Summer Reading Program.

There were 16 youth total in attendance for the first program.

Lyle Stogner discussed music and the history of music with the children attending. He also spoke about different musical instruments, the history of instruments and how they are made.

Stogner also talked about songs, what they were written about and also about songs with no words called melodies.

He taught the youth the songs such as “Puff the Magic Dragon,” “B-I-N-G-O” and a song about different animals.

Stogner told the youth the story or legend of the songs they sang.

He let the youth play hand-held instruments while they sang.

Different types of music in the world today such as Blues, country and other types were discussed by Stogner.

At the end of the program, he encouraged the youth to take adventures by reading books instead of playing on their electronic devices.

All the youth that attended had a wonderful time learning about music.

The next program will be held Monday, June 11 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Henryetta Civic Center. All children in first through fifth grades and their parents are welcome to attend.

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