Local man nabbed for sexual abuse

By Kaitlyn Dillard

Staff Writer

An Okmulgee man is behind bars after being apprehended by the Okmulgee Police Department Tuesday. The Okmulgee Police Department responded to a report of a possible rape Monday around 6:40 p.m, which led to the arrest of Jayce Michael Mosquito, 31. An investigation exposed Mosquito’s actions who had sexually abused a child and through interviews officers were able to obtain probable cause for arrest. A SANE test corroborated the report officers had received and was consistent with sexual abuse.

“Jayce continued to say he knew he was in trouble for what had happened and what he had done,” Okmulgee Police Officer Jeremy Wade said in court documents. Wade had described Mosquito as having a defeated posture and admitting that it was possible he had committed the crime. Mosquito is facing a $100,000 bond for one count of Child Sexual Abuse and is scheduled to appear in court Thursday, June 21, 2018, at 2 p.m. with Judge Pandee Ramirez presiding over the case. 

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