“Blue Jeans” to run for District 2 Representative

Virginia “Blue Jeans” Jenner visited Henryetta on Monday about her campaign for District 2 U.S. Representative. In order to show she has a sense of humor, she said, she will wear her Dolly Clown suit to campaign in. Helping with her campaign was her husband, John “Papa” Kyle Goddard, who was also dressed as a clown.

(Photo by TRACY GOZA)


Free-Lance Editor

Virginia “Blue Jeans” Jenner visited the Free-Lance Monday where she provided more information about her candidacy as Democrat for U.S. Representative for District 2.

A Wagoner resident, Jenner said she will be campaigning in her “Dolly Clown” suit to show she has a sense of humor.

“My ‘Drop Dead’ notice came not from the undertaker, but President Trump and our Congressman (Markwayne Mullin). It came in their tax reform law in which they got the gold mine and we, old folks, got the shaft. You and I have to pay social security tax on all of our income but not Trump and Mullin. Only $128,400 of their income is subject to the social security tax. If they would pay the tax on all of their income, Aunt Minnie, Uncle John and me would get a $200 a month increase on our social security. So, I’m leaving my garden to run for Congress and retire Mullin,” Jenner said.

If elected, Jenner said, she plans to raise state and federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and help to get Medicare for everyone. She wants to make public colleges and universities tuition-free with a Robin Hood tax on Wall Street speculation and to forgive student loans.

“My daughter’s daddy was shot down and killed in Vietnam. I am a peacenik. I want to establish a department of peace in the executive branch of government.”

According to Jenner, a story in Reader’s Digest, set her on fire. The story exposed those who are getting rich off of America’s $1.4 trillion in student loans – Wall Street banks, the federal government, Wells Fargo, Suntrust and other big banks.

“I’m running to become Eastern Oklahoma’s Congresswoman and free the slaves – student debt slaves. President Trump and Congressman Mullin permit the federal government to make up to 20 percent profit on student loans. The government can write them off or excuse the loans. My first legislation will be for the government to forgive the student loans of 44 million Americans,” Jenner said.

Jenner visited several businesses and offices in Henryetta, donned in her Dolly Clown outfit with her husband, John “Papa” Kyle Goddard, who was also dressed as a clown.

She is on the ballot for U.S. Representative - District 2 and will face other Democrats, Elijah McIntosh of Tahlequah; Jason Nichols of Tahlequah and Clay Padget of Soper. Republicans on the ballot include Jarrin Jackson of Owasso; Brian Jackson of Muskogee; Markwayne Mullin of Westville and John McCarthy of Afton. Richard Castalado of Grove is the only Libertarian on the ballot.

John Foreman of Park Hill is the only Independent on the ballot.

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