TSA to compete at Nationals

The Henryetta Middle School Technology Student Association has placed first at State with their Off the Grid exhibit. They are now raising funds so they can go to Nationals in Georgia held June 22-26. HMS TSA will be selling t-shirts, raffling off a cooler and raising funds at the upcoming Cruise Knight event. Pictures here from left is Emily Payne, Autumn Steele, Lottie Johnson, Teliya Woods and Mrs. Krystal Rogers. 

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The Henryetta Middle School Technology Student Association is still raising funds around Henryetta.

The HMS TSA has gone to several businesses such as Burnett's and Shoney's and left donation tins and has also gone to the public to ask for general donations. The group is looking for help with expenses for their upcoming trip to Nationals held June 22-26 where they will be competing. They earned the right to travel to Nationals after making it to the final round at State in Off the Grid.

According to the TSA official competitive events overview, the Off the Grid contest is describes as such: “Throughout the world, people are working to become more self-sustaining when it comes to landscaping and architectural design. Sometimes the purpose is to live off the grid, and other times it is to create a smaller carbon footprint. There are many options throughout the world, but sometimes a location limits or enables those options. In this event, participants conduct research on a sustainable architectural design for a home in a country of the team's choosing (other than their home country). 

Participants (three [3] teams per state) will create a display and a model. The model can be of the home the team designed or of a specific aspect of their design. Semifinalist teams will give a presentation and are interviewed about their design. The design brief for this competition will be posted on the TSA website under Competitions/Themes and Problems.”

The cost to get the team to Nationals starts at $2,700 for hotel and registration. However there are other expenses such as food, travel and competition clothes. 

To raise money the group will be selling T-shirts as soon as school goes back to session. The shirts will have a design on the front and the back will have the teams motto of “If you go out, go all out”. The price for the shirts will be announced at a later date. 

They are also selling tickets for a Yeti cooler raffle. Tickets are $5 for one and $20 for five. 

The cooler will be given away during the Cruise Knight which will be held June 2. 

During the Cruise Knight the HMS TSA is also going to hold either a benefit dinner or sell hot dogs. 

Any extra money raised will go into the TSA fund to offset next years expenses. 

According to Krystal Rogers, the team members are already talking about what they plan to compete with next year. 

Rogers is also interested in starting a TSA program at the high school to not only let current TSA members continue on but to also give high school students a chance to be a part of something. 

“This is the first year we have had TSA here and honestly I don't think I or Mr. Noble expected these girls to go as far as they did,” Rogers said. “They have grown so much since joining this team and I just want to give high school students the chance to experience what we're doing.”

Rogers also talked about how much the girls on her team have learned since joining the team. 

“They've learned public speaking skills, resume skills, how to work in a group, how to lead a presentation and so much more,” Rogers said. 

For more information or to give donations contact Krystal Rogers at 918-752-7004 or the Henryetta Middle School at 918-652-6578.

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