Emergency Management Week is April 8 thru 14

The week of April 8 through 14 has been declared Oklahoma Emergency Management Week. The proclamation was read during Monday's regular County Commissioner meeting. Pictured from top left is 911 Director Mark Conklin, Okmulgee County Emergency Management Director Tim Craighton, City of Okmulgee Emergency Management Director Ken Anderson and Creek Nation Emergency Management Director James Nichols. Bottom left, District 1 Commissioner Ron Ballard, District 2 Commissioner Robert Hardridge, Okmulgee County Clerk Becky Thomas and District 3 Commissioner James Connors. 


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The week of April 8 through 14 has been declared Oklahoma Emergency Management Week.

The proclamation was read during this weeks Okmulgee County Commissioners Meeting.

The proclamation states the climate of the State of Oklahoma is conducive to the development of natural and possibly man-made emergencies and disasters and since 2007 alone, Oklahoma has received 38 presidential disaster declarations representing more than $640 million on infrastructure damage and millions more in private property damage delivered by ice and snow storms, tornadoes, flooding and other severe weather.

The citizens of the State of Oklahoma are adversely affected by such emergencies and disasters and it is vital that we further an awareness of the dangers of such disasters and the protective measures citizens can take in the event of such conditions.

Oklahoma Emergency Managers are responsible for encouraging and assisting State and  local officials to plan adequately for and respond effectively to such emergencies and disasters they also follow a comprehensive emergency management plan involving preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation areas.

The Oklahoma Emergency Management Association should be commended for its continued diligence and mission to the citizens of Oklahoma.

The proposed plan to go to the state capitol on April 11 for Emergency Management Day may be canceled with the teacher walkout taking place.

In other county news, the following agenda items were  approved:
•Blanket Purchase Orders including District 2 to the Assessors Office in the amount of $400 for fuel, District 3 to  Unifirst Holdings in the amount of  $700, and District 3 to O'Reilly Auto Parts in the amount of $250.
•Employee Acknowledgment Forms including Tyler Flores from District 1 employment ceased, and Ethan Weston from District 1 moving to full time.
•Utility Permits for Rural Water District 2 on Happy Camp Rd.
•Melissa Wesley as Requisitioning Officer and Gus Gordon and Kyra Miller as Receiving Officers.
•Letter of reappointment to Deep Fork Community Action Board. Bill Byars has been appointed for another three years.
•Reimbursement claim for expenditures of the District Attorney's Office.
•Reimbursement claim for Election Board Secretary's salary in the amount of $3,476.41 for the month of March. 

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