Horses found dead in Ryal

KJRH was out with McIntosh resident Sally Strong to interview her about the plight of several horses in the area. Strong had recently contacted the McIntosh County Sheriff Office about a dead horse that can be seen along N. 3960 road.


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The McIntosh County Sheriff”s office is investigating an animal cruelty case after being alerted to the neglect by a concerned neighbor. 

McIntosh resident Sally Strong travels North 3960 Rd nearly every day to pick up her granddaughter from school. 

During one of the trips, Strong says she noticed a horse lying dead in the pasture. 

“I talked to other people around her and we figure that horse has been here at least three days,” Strong said. 

It was then that she contacted the McIntosh sheriff office and requested a deputy. 

According to the McIntosh County Sheriff Office, Deputy Ross traveled to the property Tuesday night. 

While searching the property, detectives say they saw no sign of grain or hay and they found a total of four horses dead. 

Strong also contacted local news station KJRH and requested they do a feature on the story to bring more light to the horses plight. 

The newscaster met with Strong Wednesday afternoon for the interview. 

“There used to be 20 and I'm only counting 12," Strong said. 

An investigation is now ongoing. 

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