Hamm arrested on drug charges

Staff Writer

A 20 year old Henryettan was arrested Monday on drug charges. 

The arrest happened at the high school parking lot after a call came in of a suspicious person sitting in a truck in the lot.

According to Henryetta Police Chief, Steve Norman, officers approached Seth Hamm in the parking lot. 

During the conversation they discovered that Hamm was on District Attorney probation for crime commited last year, and also that he was in possession of a controlled dangerous substance and paraphernalia. 

Hamm has since been booked into the Okmulgee County Jail and is awaiting trial.

Both charges are misdemeanors, however until the passage in 2016 of SQ 780, the drug possession charge could have been a felony since it occurred within 1,000 feet of a school. 

“When the new law went into effect last July it changed the rules,” Chief Norman said. 

The new law was designed to save the state money by reducing the number of people sent to prison for small amounts of narcotics. 

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