Two vying for school board

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Two candidates have been announced for the upcoming school board election on Tuesday, February 13. 

David Bullard and Misty Sweeney are both running for the open seat. 

Sweeney is a Henryetta graduate who is raising three children while running her own business here in town. 

She wants to help Henryetta's schools and feels the best position to do that is from the school board.

In the past she tried her hand at substitute teaching and looked into being a PTO parent.

“Henryetta is doing good right now and I want to help it be even better,” Sweeney said. 

She feels that she will be a good voice for the parents and teachers who have felt unheard and feel they have no where to turn.

As a business owner she feels she can help with the budget and money managing which will be especially helpful with budget cuts occurring every year. 

Sweeney's biggest goal is to keep children in Henryetta. 

“I'm tired of seeing the numbers drop from elementary to high school,” Sweeney said. “Parents are pulling their children out and sending them to the surrounding schools and I want that to stop.”

“I want the best for children and teachers and I will do whatever I have to to get them the best,” Sweeney said. “ I am hardworking and trustworthy and will not back down until they have everything they need.”

Bullard is also running for school board. The following is his official platform:

My name is David Bullard, and I am running for a seat on the Henryetta Public School’s Board of Education. I was born and raised in Henryetta. I live and work here. I am raising my own family here, and have a vested interest in the success of our school system.

I am a 1989 graduate of Dewar Public Schools, and I earned my higher education hours through Tulsa Community College and Oklahoma State University. I have dedicated the last 27 years to bettering the community of Henryetta through service in various departments within the city, with my last 21 years of service in the Fire Department. I have been married to my wife, Stacy Bullard, for 26 years. We have two children, Shelby, who is a senior at Henryetta high school and Tanner, who is an 8th grader at Henryetta middle school. I had the pleasure of coaching little league softball as well as pee wee football, each for 5 years. I believe it is important to show support for the students of our district, and I do so by attending as many athletic events, performances, and school activities as possible. I have also been fortunate enough to build rapport with many of the students of this district through fire prevention week.

In addition to my close ties to this community and school district, I also believe my knowledge and experience will allow me to be an asset to the Board and district alike. My experience as the Fire Chief has allowed me to build a working relationship with the school officials. I have and continue to assist the district with public safety relations, and I feel my actions have and will continue to show that I have the best interest of the students, teachers and staff in mind. For example, I worked with school officials to obtain FEMA funding after flooding in the Early Childhood building. Additionally, I have experience serving as the city’s safety officer and emergency management director, a Henryetta Housing Authority Commissioner, and a member of the Okmulgee County EMS Board of Directors. I am also the Okmulgee County Firefighter Association President. I believe the experience I have gained through each of these positions will help me to serve the district and the Board in the best way possible.

I am committed to the improvement of quality education, and I am willing to communicate with all stakeholders involved to do so. I believe that members of our board must be willing to collaborate with parents, staff, students, as well as the community to ensure success. There must be open communication. I will honor the traditions of Henryetta Public Schools, while being highly motivated by innovative ideas and improving the culture of our district. 

I am committed to the success of Henryetta Public Schools. While I realize that we are doing some things well, there is always room for improvement. I believe our children deserve the best! I value honesty and integrity, and I am committed to seeing these goals realized. Furthermore, I respect and honor the ideas of others while standing steadfast on building a culture of trust, respect, and leadership. In closing, I respectfully request your consideration and support for this position on the Henryetta School Board.

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