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Henryetta Elementary has some fine spellers. Three students received trophies after placing in the top three in the Henryetta Spelling Bee. From left, Ava Young took third place, Kenleigh Kaler took first and Baylor Thomson took second place. Congratulations to the winners of this years spelling bee.


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Henryetta Public School held the 2018 Elementary Spelling Bee Tuesday morning.

Sixteen students from forth and fifth grade came to compete for first, second and third place.

The students each took turns at the microphone to spell out the various words. By the end of the second round, seven of the contestants had been eliminated.

Two more were eliminated by the fourth round and then six rounds went by before another misspelling cost a contestant a trophy.

Two more had been eliminated by the fifteenth round and then it was down to three contestants.

The Final Round Rules were explained to the students and parents.

The students would spell until one was eliminated. That person would take third place. The remaining two would then take turns. If one was eliminated, they would stay on stage until the other person took a turn. If the second contestant too misspelled their word then they both would continue.

Ava Young was eliminated in round 18 and then there were two.

Kenleigh Kaler and Baylor Thompson faced each other for six rounds before each misspelling a word in round 25.

Finally, Thompson misspelled a word and Kaler did not, which resulted in Kaler taking home first place and Thompson taking second.

The first and second place winners both qualify to compete at the Eastern Oklahoma State Spelling Bee which will be held Friday, April 6 at 6:30 p.m.

Third and fourth place will be alternates for the spelling bee.

Congratulations to everyone who competed and the winners of this years spelling bee.

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