Baxter to attend OCU theater program

By Jessie Brydges
Staff Writer

A Henryetta senior has been given the opportunity to chase her dreams on the stage.

MaKayla Baxter has been drawn to the theater her whole life, whether its singing, acting or dancing.

“Its something I always knew I wanted to do, I just didn't know how.” Baxter said. 

When the Performing Arts Student Association (PASA) was started back up Baxter immediately tried out and was accepted. But that only fueled her desire, bigger stages where calling her name. 

With that goal in mind, when it came time to apply for colleges she knew she wanted one with a strong theater program. 

After being accepted to Oklahoma City University the next step was to try out for their theater program.

Baxter's application was accepted and she was given an opportunity to audition for the program. 

In order to audition she had to prepare two monologues, four songs and one dance routine. 

It was hard, but she was determined. 

“I had taken part in the summer theater program at OCU for several years and had never felt more comfortable, the program was just amazing,” Baxter said. 

OCU also impressed her with the variety of behind the scenes aspects she could learn about theater such as set design, costume design and lighting. There is a lot more to a play then the person on stage and OCU is committed to teaching their students all of it. 

After college Baxter wants to continue her lessons and  grow as an actor. 

She also has ambitions of directing and teaching and is especially interested in early child development. 

To help with that goal, Baxter has also looked into the possibility of starting a children theater group.

“Above all, I want to be happy,” Baxter said. 

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