Hanging of the Green, a School Tradition

Representatives from various Henryetta extra-curricular activities gathered Tuesday for the annual Hanging of the Green and presenting of the candle. From Left, Abbi Green with golf, Fallon Rodgers with Tennis, Cailey Rempe with Track and Kimber Hage with Basketball each hold the candle that they would place with its respective wreath during the ceremony. 


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Christmas season is almost here.

Students, faculty and the community gathered at the Henryetta High School Auditorium Wednesday to participate in the schools annual Hanging of the Green. 

The ceremony included performances from the Henryetta HS choir and the Henryetta Knights Brigade. 

Announcers were students Kobe Johnson and Meg Vance. 

The Hanging of the Green is an ancient custom dating to pre-Christian times in Northern Europe. The custom centered around the winter solstice, which occurs every year on December 21, 

The ceremony varies from country to country.

Many of the customs center around the start of the Advent season and the bringing in evergreens as a symbol of everlasting life. 

“We decorate this place with evergreen branches as a continuation of life and life without end,” Vance said. “The green represents different types of trees, including cedar for royalty, fern pine cones for everlasting life and mistletoe symbols peace. The green also represents the hope for fertile soil and new growth in the spring. The candle represents the light of the sun, which will bring forth the new growth in the spring. The wreaths symbolize love, joy, hope and peace to all.” 

During the ceremony, students placed a lit candle in the center of the 29 wreaths, each symbolizing an individual area of academics or extra-curricular activities including the following:

12th grade, wreath bearer Dylan Axton and candle bearer Kendyll Thompson; 11th grade, wreath bearer Drew Brown and candle bearer Emma Sontag; 10th grade, wreath bearer Ryan Clark and candle bearer Ashlyn Green; 9th grade, wreath bearer Kolby Kinslow and candle bearer Megan Counts; Math, wreath bearer Sadie Hehr and candle bearer Mazie Potter; English, wreath bearer Easton Soucy and candle bearer Wylee-Kay Lollis; History, wreath bearer Tanner Beliew and candle bearer Bailee Davis; Science, wreath bearer Dustin Crawford and candle bearer Gabby Gray; Student Council, wreath bearer Tyger Freeman and candle bearer Summer Bryant; FCCLA, wreath bearer Cheyanne Bullard and candle bearer Lillith Howton; Yearbook, wreath bearer Madison Walters and candle bearer Joe Garcia; Choir, wreath bearer Taylor Graffman and Makayla Baxter; Band, wreath bearer Zack Dickey and candle bearer Sarah Petruska; Vo-Tech wreath bearer Nathan Welch and candle bearer Kylee Corkerin; Youth Alive, wreath bearer Colton Wion and candle bearer Rebecca Pearson; Academic Team, wreath bearer Natalie Smith and candle bearer Bridget Williams; OSSM, wreath bearer Damien Jones and candle bearer Chase Whitfield; NHS wreath bearer Bailey Graffman and candle bearer Avery Moore; Cheerleading, wreath bearer Shelby Bullard and candle bearer Mallory Snyder; Softball/Baseball, wreath bearer Seth Munoz and candle bearer Jenifer Denton; Cross Country, wreath bearer Nicholas Pak and candle bearer Cheyanne Thomas; Football, wreath bearer Adam Kleweno and candle bearer Jarett Day; Weight Lifting, wreath bearer Jordan Proctor and candle bearer T.J. Boyles; Basketball, wreath bearer Pepper Logan and candle bearer Kim Hage; Track, wreath bearer Skyla Notley and candle bearer Cailey Rempe; Tennis, wreath bearer Eric Dwiggins and candle bearer Fallon Rodgers; Golf, wreath bearer Zack Noble and candle bearer Abby Green; Fishing Team, candle bearer Bo Adams and wreath bearer Logan Hall; Art, wreath bearer Zane Wheeler and candle bearer Brittany Elam; FFA, wreath bearer Morgan Dumond and candle bearer Alex Graffman; Native American Club, wreath bearer Isaiah Tiger and candle bearer Danielle LaSarge; Spanish Club, wreath bearer Emily Smith and candle bearer Ryan Sadler and Alternative Education wreath bearer Chris Hicks and candle bearer Garett Harjo.

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