Shop local on Small Business Saturday

Burnett’s Boutique is inviting you to come out and shop Nov. 25 for Small Business Saturday. Black Friday is well established at this point, and for good reason. It's a good chance for many consumers to get most of their holiday shopping out of the way far before the holidays get into full swing. But many customers are starting to be enticed by the allure of shopping local instead of braving the long lines and craziness of the big box stores. Not only is there a draw in knowing that money spent will stay in the community, there is also the allure of knowing that what you get is more unique then something you would find at a big box store. Large stores appeal to the masses, while smaller more focused stores can bring items that are more dedicated to your specific town or taste. So this year, shop local. Not only will you get a gift that is one of a kind, but you will help your town and those who live in it. 


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