Bathrooms get roof

Workers from Able Roofing install the new roof on the bathroom at the Dr. Carlton E. Smith Tennis Complex on Monday morning.


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Thanks to Able Roofing, the Dr. Carlton E. Smith Tennis Complex upgrades are one step closer to being complete.

Workers from Able Roofing were in Henryetta on Monday  to install the new metal roof over the bathrooms and attached storage room.

The bathrooms will consist of two unisex single occupancy units. 

Now that the roof has been installed, the rest of the bathroom construction can take place. 

Each bathroom will include a wall mounted toilet, sink and small bench. 

The walls will also be painted a light blue. 

This project has been in the works since February of 2015.

The community has raised over $300,000 in donations to pay for all the upgrades. 

The full project included four new courts of concrete, replacing the old fencing and backboard, restroom facility and the addition of a six pole lighting system. 

Two months later in April of 2015, work began. 

But before work could begin, the trees along Main St. had to be removed. 

This was met with mixed results from the city residents. Some were horrified to see the old trees go, while others were excited about the upgrades that were taking place.

Once the trees were gone, phase three could begin. 

Phase one was the laying of four concrete courts. 

Rain plagued much of the concrete construction during that year. But workers persevered and got the courts completed. 

It was May of 2016 before the next stage of the court remodel was approved.

During that phase, a 50 ft by 30 ft pavilion was approved and constructed. 

The pavilion is wired with overhead fans and timed lights. 

There are also several tables installed under the cover. 

“We just want to let people know that this court is free for everyone to use. Said Mike Kennedy, “Even if it's just sitting in the pavilion eating lunch, everyone is welcome.”

There are still more plans in store for the tennis courts such as a basketball goal and better parking, but as it stands it is definitely ready to be used by the people of Henryetta. 

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