Before today becomes yesterday

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In less than 24 hours, today will become yesterday, and tomorrow will be today. 
Time is an interesting concept. There are 1,440 minutes in a day; that means there are over 1,000 opportunities to make a positive impact in somebody else's life and the community. 
I pondered this idea as I attended Saturday morning's town hall meeting. I attended expecting to hear ideas regarding how to grow Henryetta and make it a better place, but instead, I left feeling as if I had wasted 120 minutes worth of opportunities on political propaganda.
When I moved to the county eight months ago, I heard rumors of Henryetta audits, misappropriation of funds and alleged government corruption from decades ago. These items were discussed at the meeting.
Though I deeply care for Henryetta and its surrounding communities, my first thought as a millennial emerging into the career world was, “So what? What is happening in the community now? What do people do for fun? How can I get involved in volunteering? What direction is Henryetta headed?” These are the questions I wanted answers to, not whether or not a former city manager was guilty of this or that. 
I believe potential Henryetta residents are looking for the answers to similar questions. What is it about Henryetta that would attract younger families to raise children in the community? 
The newly formed Nichols Park Restoration Committee is a great illustration of community growth and looking toward the future. Over the weekend, I had the honor of joining several hard-working citizens who participated in raking leaves and disposing of trash at the park. Those present, and many others who donated cleaning supplies and snack items, have grasped the idea that when it comes to making Henryetta an ideal place for children and grandchildren, there is no time to waste. 
Yes, understanding history and mistakes to avoid plays a part in moving forward. But if we choose to spend our 1,440 minutes bickering on past problems rather than stepping up and taking action, then today and tomorrow soon turn to yesterday, and the days drift by with little to no progress. 
I would be happy to see the next town hall meeting focus on the future growth occurring in the community, such as the soon-to-be QuikTrip and Shoney's Restaurant. Let's leave the past in the past and embrace what is to come. 

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