Counting Change for Milk

I am a Veteran on Social Security Disability. My prescription medicine, for the last three months, is over $100,000. I have Medicare and supplemental that pays for some of it, but I still have co-pays. I have $5 co-pays every time I see the doctor. I have co-pay I owe Henryetta Hospital, I can't pay. I have lab tests for $36 that I can't pay. I have a gas bill I can't pay this month. I turn gas off every year for six months because I can't afford service fees. I had to cancel house insurance. I have a maxed out credit cards trying to pay co-pays and gas to go see doctors. I have $1,700 on credit cards because insurance does not cover eye and dental. I am not complaining, but this is why the City's needs seem so small. 
Every time the City needs money, they attach it to my water bill. I can barely pay it now. It seems like the City is punishing it's citizens for asking for this audit. 
Insanity is best described as doing something over and over, the same way and expecting different results. To keep asking for this audit is insane. Meanwhile, the citizens are the ones having to pay for this. Maybe we need to hire someone to act as a go between for the City and this man, to iron out their difference...a mediator. Meantime, I am going back to counting change for milk. 
P.S- Now my insurance supplemental is saying this drug is not on their list of covered drugs costing $94,261.50. The City can take $6 from the $100 deposit I paid for my water meter if they still have it. 
Jerry Brown
Henryetta, OK

Editor's note: According to Mayor Jennifer Clason, the surcharge will remain on water bills for the next 4-5 months until the cost of the audit is paid. Clason, Bill Goodner and two anonymous donors are inviting any citizen who cannot afford the extra charge to present a request in writing to City Hall, and the donors will pay for the additional costs of the bill. 

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