County approves private cemetery

The Okmulgee County Commissioners held a public hearing for a request from the Randal Family for a private cemetery. The public hearing was held as a formality to make sure that no one would have objections for the creation of the cemetery. There were no objections. 
In other county news the following was approved:
Blanket Purchase Orders including Unifirst Holdings District 1 in the amount of $500, Unifirst Holdings District 2 in the amount of $500, O'Reilly Auto Parts District 3 in the amount of $250 and Unifirst Holdings District 3 in the amount of $500.
Employee Acknowledgment Forms for the 911 Com. Center including Tristin Walker and Cheslea McCullah both employment ceased. 
Utility Permits for Marvin White on Hornbeam Rd. and 171st Street Henryetta. 
Award Bid #9 for Legal Publications for a 12 month period. Bid #9 was awarded to Morris News.
The Randal family was officially approved for the construction of a private cemetery.
Bridge inspection reports and invoice. 
Selecting member to serve on the CED2 board. 
Selecting member to serve on the EODD board.
Emergency Manager,  Tim Craighton, also addressed the board and warned people to be prepared for this weekend. 
No other business was discussed. 
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