Local man speaks out about unfair accusations

Dear Editor,
Nearly a week ago someone dumped two dogs on my families rural cattle ranch. Despite the fact that they were scared and acted aggressively towards us, we managed to get them tied up safely away from our animals. I was nearly bitten in the process and we felt that it was not safe to release these dogs to anyone other than their owner or an experienced rescue. After several days the people at HAART in Henryetta said they would take the dogs. Unfortunately, before they arrived the dogs somehow got themselves untied and tried to run down one of my smaller dogs. At this point I felt it was necessary to put down one of the strays in order to protect my own animals. HAART responded to this by posting a very one sided story on their Facebook page that completely misrepresented the situation and painted a very unfair picture of me. HAART has not said one bad word about whomever originally dumped these dogs but they feel it is nessecary to demonize me for protecting my dogs. These dogs were safely contained for a week and no one cared enough to come and get them. HAART claims they didn't have the resources to come any sooner yet somehow they found a whole group of volunteers to come out within 24 hours to search for a dog that I already told them was dead. I know the people at HAART feel guilty for taking so long to get here, but I won't be their scape goat. There are a lot of people who did wrong in this situation, the people who dumped the dogs, the people at HAART for misrepresenting the situation, but not me. I did everything I could for these dogs despite the fact that they were in no way my responsibility. People in rural areas are tired of having strays dumped on their property and we are even more tired of being criticized for the situations that we are put in because of it. Thank you for listening to my side of the story.
James Bennett
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