The service caps are ‘Made in China’

I had an appointment at the V.A. Hospital and while there I usually stand around out by the smoking area visiting and talking with other veterans.  We all had our branch of the military caps on.  Mine was Army, and there was a man wearing a Navy cap, and another with the Air Force. 
Some how we started talking about our caps. I knew mine was “Made in China.” That made the Navy man check his. Sure enough “Made in China.”  The Airman did the same, “Made in China.” 
Sounds like it is all “Fixed.” 
If veterans want to honor their branch of the service and proudly wear its insignia, we have to pay China to make it for us.  I am a disabled veteran, who can make a cap. But instead we pay a Chinese child to do it. 
Caps are only one of thousands of products than China is ever day sending to the United States. 
Bobby Mings
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